Penelope Upholstered Bed

Penelope Bed Frame
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Height Width Length
3FT 137 cm 102 cm 219 cm
4FT 137 cm 131 cm 212 cm
4FT6 137 cm 144 cm 212 cm
5FT 137 cm 162 cm 220 cm
6FT 137 cm 192 cm 220 cm


Penelope Bed Frame 's unique design boasts a Silver Plush (As the picture!) and a beautiful but luxurious design of the classic Upholstered framework . Stay ahead of the game with our unique design offered from 2019 exclusively. Penelope Bed Frame packs a 54″ tall headboard with stunning Diamond or Fabric buttons to finish. 
Note: If you select the ottoman gas lift mechanism, please be aware that the bed does not come with a floor to place the items on, it shall be a hollow space underneath the mattress. Hence why we recommend you order the bed with the smaller feet/legs.
  • Large Selection of Fabrics
  • Matching Button Detailing (Optional extra)
  • Sleek  Design
  • Solid Frame
  • Manufactured in UK
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